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Mirror's Edge Condensed Playthrough

This is a musical, condensed playthrough of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, edited and without commentary.

Mirror’s Edge is, in my opinion, a fatally flawed idea executed unevenly. Though conceptually, visually, and mechanically very interesting, there are some debilitating design and narrative issues holding the game back. However the few and brief moments of excellence are there.

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Return to Savage Beach (condensed)

And so it ends. 

Characters return. Tenuous plot threads are connected. A face turn is just barely justified. A co-creator of the Ninja Turtles makes some startlingly ill-advised fashion choices. Needless and distracting jiggling, unnecessary explosions, and other excesses bring the series to a giddy climax.

A fitting end and a good follow-up.

Day of the Warrior (condensed)

The first thing one sees, post title card, in 1996’s “Day of the Warrior” is wiggling lady butt.

That is to say, Andy Sidaris is back at the wheel in this installment in the Triple B series. Thrill at the sight of Marcus Bagwell portraying not the Ultimate Warrior, but rather the Supreme Warrior (Ultimate costs an extra three dollars and comes with a soda). Marvel at monumentally dubious acting accompanied by only slightly less dubious (and frankly boring at this point) racial politics. And gasp at the new, bizarre twist of murderous wrestling in this welcome return to madness.

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