Fit to Kill (condensed)

It's the end of something resembling an era. Both Dona Speir and Andy Sidaris exit the Triple B series with 1993’s “Fit to Kill”, wherein storylines are ended, torches are passed, and titles are awkwardly dropped.

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Hard Hunted

Featuring one of Dona Speir’s better, more subtle performances, 1992’s “Hard Hunted” strikes a decent balance of character and silly action, while somehow turning up the eye-candy. This movie also replaces Pat Morita with a much younger and much blander English dude in the role of the villainous (for now) Kane. 

Video features some NSFW language at the end.

Do or Die (condensed)

Perhaps the most autumnal entry in the Sidaris universe, 1991’s “Do or Die” features a whole lot of gratuitous male gaze; the Pat Morita sexy times you never thought you wanted to see; a nicely simplistic and straightforward plot; and the return of Erik Estrada as not the villain from the previous movie.

Guns (condensed)

A return to form, 1990's "Guns" features the mild xenophobia, adorably fumbled comic relief, and general wackiness that are, by now, Sidaris' trademark.

Savage Beach (condensed)

The next entry in the Sidaris Cinematic Universe is... quite boring, truthfully. But there are a few cheap thrills locked within the oddly dramatic and politically iffy confines of 1989's "Savage Beach". Sadly, it's the last Hope Marie Carlton movie of the Triple B cycle. However, things will certainly pick up steam next time as the series continues and Donna picks up a new partner.

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New "percy" over on Tapastic. Check it out.


New "percy" over at Tapastic.